What you need to know about Seamless Acceptance. #IPD17

As the USPS develops more comprehensive procedures, Bacompt is aggressively moving toward Seamless Acceptance, which further automates the entry and verification of commercial mailings by leveraging electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMbs), and information collected from handheld sampling devices and mail-processing equipment scans.

Benefits of Seamless Acceptance include:

  • Shortened mail delivery time, increasing your front-end production cycle
  • Electronic verifications, streamlining processes
  • Auto-finalization, giving you control of postage payment
  • Mailer Scorecard and associated reports, allowing greater feedback and identification of trends
  • Trend-based quality measurements, providing the ability to gauge quality over time rather than a single mailing

Currently, Bacompt is working with our contractual partner, Post Masters, to provide a “seamless parallel” process where both the mailer (client) and the USPS can view the results of automated verifications.

In addition, we have an onsite USPS clerk specifically assigned to us for the purpose of verifying and accepting all mailings. This enables the post office to take possession of mailings — ready for delivery — within our Indianapolis facility, bypassing the handling typically required by one or more postal facilities. This not only speeds mail through the system, but also further ensures the security of your information-sensitive content.

Contact us to discuss your postal delivery strategy.



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