Increase the value of your monthly statements. #IPD16

Anyone who sends monthly statements — including credit unions, credit cards, retail, and healthcare — can benefit from exploiting advertising opportunities printed right on the statement.

Transpromotional marketing can lower your monthly mailing costs, boost sales through upselling, and generate additional revenue from your business partners. Because transpromotional advertising is included on mailings you already send, there are no additional printing or postage costs. The best part — it’s micro-targeted to a readership who already knows and trusts you.

  • Generates additional revenue
  • Easy to implement
  • New marketing opportunities every month
  • Greater relevance and value for your audience

How transpromotional marketing works.

Consider your potential business partners. For example, credit unions make loans, so car dealerships, realtors, and home remodelers would be good marketing partners. Likewise, pharmacies and wellness centers would be an appropriate fit for hospitals and healthcare systems. Now what if you could offer these partners a highly targeted ad campaign, guaranteed to be seen, for an extremely low cost?

As a provider of monthly statements, Bacompt can exploit any geographic or demographic data and match it to targeted ads. Example: Recipient A sees an offer for a high-end luxury vehicle, while Recipient B sees an offer for an economy car — all based on what we already know about your audience.

Upsell and strengthen your own brand image.

Transpromotional marketing doesn’t always have to promote someone else’s services; it can boost your own marketing efforts. Upsell, cross-sell, or simply communicate an important corporate message.

The point is that highly personalized data can be used to target your message. Is it part of your business strategy to generate more depositors? We can target candidates based on their financial data. Want to encourage yearly mammograms and colonoscopies? We can direct patients to facilities and physicians located nearest to them.

And because these targeted messages appear on monthly invoices or statements — which by their nature are opened and read — you can expect a virtual 100 percent view rate.

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