Postage savings, part two: ACS and ARS. #IPD17

The cost of inaccurate addresses can impact your organization in so many ways, from annoying the intended recipient and losing valuable time, to hard dollar losses in printing and postage fees. In addition to the presort and automation efficiencies Bacompt offers, our clients also save significantly from our extensive tools to improve delivery accuracy.

ReturnAAddress Change Service.

ACS is an electronic enhancement that centralizes, automates, and improves the process of providing address correction or reason for non-delivery notices. Bacompt consolidates this with additional information added to the USPS interface Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb).

The barcode now includes three new data fields that enable the USPS to provide additional services:

  • Service type ID: returned mail
  • Mailer ID: identifies Bacompt as the creator of the mail piece
  • Serial Number: uniquely identifies each mail piece

Moreover, we pull and process list data daily. From this, we can reformat and import electronic records back into our customers’ databases for their own list hygiene and use.

ReturnBAddress Resolution Service.

Many address records revealed as “broken” by USPS CASS™ and DPV™ processing can be repaired and returned to mailing for prompt and efficient delivery. With ARS, Bacompt can put these “bad” addresses to good use by employing state-of-the-art technology for easy re-integration with your mailing lists.

Historically, you’ve had two choices for mail displaying only a 5-digit zip code:

  • Omit records from the job, which will save printing and postage
  • Mail anyway, which will draw higher postage and risk never being delivered

Our software gives you a third choice, “none of the above.” ARS can restore these “undeliverable as addressed” records to peak 9-digit deliverability with a typical success rate of 30 percent, sometimes much higher. You’ll reduce your undeliverable mail without sacrificing potentially profitable addresses in the process.

Give us a call to discuss how we can improve the deliverability of your mailings, saving you wasted postage fees.



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