Insert integrity — how much is enough? #IPD16

The ability to irrefutably account for the creation, processing, and delivery of a document can make a critical difference when legally sensitive material is being handled. While others may present lesser alternatives, our clients rest assured in the knowledge they have chosen a partner that provides the ultimate assurance level of inserting integrity. To help assist you in understanding the integrity level of your inserted mail, we’ve developed a simple comparison chart outlining the degree of diligence applied at each level of integrity.

Insert Integrity

Top-level integrity: Two barcodes applied to documents during print file generation allow each piece of mail to be tracked individually during print, assembly, and mailing through the USPS. Camera matching technology is employed to read and reconcile a sequential number on each mailer. Closed loop quality control process ensures manually handled mailpieces are fully accounted for.

High integrity: Using file-based technology, each piece of mail is tracked through the print and assembly process via an intelligent insert barcode and a mail run file that accounts for each piece during processing. With this system, customers can see when a mail piece was processed and if any pieces were processed manually.

Moderate integrity: This basic level of integrity requires an intelligent barcode that drives the insert machine. This barcode helps to ensure pages for each client are kept separate. Piece counts are also required for this level of integrity so customers can be contacted if the number of mail pieces generated doesn’t match number of pieces inserted.

Minimal integrity: Only provides piece count verification and OCR recognition. This non-intelligent or non-barcoded type of processing does not allow for collation or tracking.

Bacompt understands how important quality assurance is to our clients. Contact us for a consultation on matching the right program to your mailing requirements.


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